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Employment Contracts

Entering into an employment contract is serious. The terms and conditions of your employment, benefit packages, and restrictions on future employment and earning potential can have a significant impact on your career. The terminology and legal verbiage can be confusing and it is vital that you fully understand what terms you are agreeing to before you sign.

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We will review the agreement to determine what your legal rights are under the contract and whether it restricts your rights whether during the employment relationship or after.


We will provide a negotiation strategy tailored to getting you the best terms possible within your employment contract.


We will help to preserve the relationship with your current employer or help you transition to a new position without unnecessarily burning bridges or jeopardizing future employment opportunities.


We will work to obtain prompt closure tailored to the unique circumstances of your situation.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts define the working relationship between an employer and an employee and outline the terms and conditions of employment, the employee’s job responsibilities, and the manner in which the employee may be separated from their employment. Compensation, insurance, retirement benefits, stock options and restrictive covenants can all be part of an employment contract. Negotiating the terms of an employment contract requires knowledge and experience that is best provided by an experienced employment lawyer.

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Our Firm’s approach is aggressive but practical. Our attorneys are available to directly address your concerns, and put our many years of experience to work for you. Though the events and “drama” that arise in the workplace can often be confusing and emotionally taxing, our legal team deals with these matters on a daily basis. We can therefore provide you with a level head, as well as a well-rounded approach.



We quickly identify the root of the specific problem you are facing at work.



We explain clearly where you stand with respect to your legal rights.



We disclose your options and likelihoods for obtaining a favorable outcome.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We plead that good legal service starts by alleviating the “ulcer” that comes from not knowing your legal rights, and replacing that with a definitive, smart and practical strategy, moving forward.