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We Focus On your goal

At Hynes & Kreuser, we understand that a client’s reputation, time, and resources are important, especially when navigating changes with an employment situation that may have bearing on all three. Our attorneys’ exclusive dedication to labor and employment law enables us to quickly evaluate a case, develop a plan of action and execute it while keeping the client’s opinion, objectives and values in mind. Our goals are always rooted in the best interest of our clients where we vigorously take the effort to minimize time and financial commitments inherent in litigation while maximizing outcomes. This may include writing letters, negotiating, mediating, and pursuing out-of-court resolution, whenever possible. It also may include aggressively defending the client’s legal rights and/or pursuing litigation in the administrative agencies or courts, where settlement is not feasible.


Client's Objective

That begins by listening carefully to your personal account of the facts, then promptly applying the law, as well as our experience and knowledge in the field, to pursuit your objectives. 


Cut to the Chase

We love our work and pride ourselves on “cutting to the chase” and aggressively pursuing all legal and practical solutions to whatever situation you may bring to us. This is all we do, and we take pride in doing it well.


Find a Solution

Because our attorneys focus exclusively on employment law, we are able to provide focused, effective, and practical legal advice that is tailored to your specific objectives and needs.

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

– henry ward beecher

Over 50 Years of Combined Service

Employment Law Attorneys

Our experience and commitment to this field allow us to handle the full gambit of labor and employment law matters you may be facing. Whether you are facing harassment; discipline; demotion; discrimination: retaliation; questions or difficulties regarding a medical leave, reasonable accommodation or return to work; denial of raises, promotions or bonuses, or other adverse action in the workplace, it is usually smart to talk to a lawyer about potential problems before “the train hits”.

Out attorneys are available to directly address your concerns, and put our many years of experience to work for you. Though the events and “drama” that arise in the workplace can often be confusing and emotionally taxing, our legal team deals with these matters on a daily basis. We can therefore provide you with a level head, as well as an approach geared towards: (1) quickly identifying the root of the specific problem you are facing at work, (2) letting you know where you stand with respect to your legal rights, and (3) disclosing your options and likelihoods for obtaining a favorable outcome, based on past experience and sound legal and practical considerations.

Our Approach

personal service

Workplace disputes and career transitions can be stressful and factually complicated. It is therefore important to have legal counsel who are experienced, knowledgeable, and “cut to the chase”. Our lawyers pride themselves on providing you with a prompt review of the matter presented, an honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and a straight-forward game plan moving forward. We believe the role of a good attorney is to “keep it simple,” present the options, and implement a strategy that is most likely to succeed.

Understanding each other

It is critical for us to listen carefully to your personal account of the facts and address any questions or concerns you may have about us.

Explaining your rights

The key is to know your rights and get sound advice, before deciding the appropriate response/course of action in the workplace.

determining your goals

We believe the role of a good attorney is to “keep it simple,” present the options, and implement a strategy that is most likely to succeed.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We plead that good legal service starts by alleviating the “ulcer” that comes from not knowing your legal rights, and replacing that with a definitive, smart and practical strategy, moving forward. 

How we can help

Procedural Conduct

Our lawyers have substantial experience and knowledge in handling employment law or discrimination cases and filing complaints with the EEOC, ERD, Dept. of Labor, and other agencies. It is important that these complaints be carefully drafted before they are filed, since the failure to do so can result in losing and/or limiting a client’s legal rights, and monetary remedies down the road. If you have already filed a complaint, it can often be amended to correct any defects before the agency concludes its investigation.

Filing Complaint

It is important that these complaints be carefully drafted before they are filed.

Inquiry Response

Failure to provide effective responses may result in the dismissal of your complaint.


We assist you in moving through these processes with your eyes open so you do not get taken advantage of.

Admin Hearings

We stand ready to pursue any and all avenues of litigation and appeal to ensure that your voice is heard.
From the moment a client decides to file a discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour, or other complaint, we make sure the client’s position is stated in a clear and concise manner, that they understand the agency they are dealing with, and do it right.